Natural Olive Extracted C8H10O3 Anti Thrombus 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dieckmann
Certification: ISO9001,FDA, SGS
Model Number: Hydroxytyrosol 20%
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
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Packaging Details: 1kg/bottle
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Product Name: 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol Hydroxytyrosol Other Name: 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol
NAME: Hydroxytyrosol Sorece: Natural Olive Extracted
Stocks: 100L Sample: Support
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Anti Thrombus 3 4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol




Anti Thrombus C8H10O3

Product Description

Natural Olive Extracted C8H10O3 Anti Thrombus 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol




Introduction :


Olive leaf is the leaf of the olive tree (Olea europaea). The silvery green leaves are oblong, measuring 4–10 centimetres (1.6–3.9 in) long and 1–3 centimetres (0.39–1.2 in) wide.

Historically, olive leaves are known as a symbol of peace, so it is not surprising that olive leaf tea provides a soothing, relaxing, gently mellow herbal brew that evokes a sense of wellbeing. Some lemon or honey enhances the flavour; it is excellent chilled and drunk over ice. Olive leaf tea leaves can be added to a marinade, especially for fish, or used in a spice rub to season a variety of dishes.


3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol also called Hydroxytyrosol, it is a natural polyphenolic compound with strong antioxidant activity, mainly in the form of esters in the fruits and branches of olives.



It is one of the key active ingredients in the olive that is largely responsible for the olive's tremendous health benefits. With the highest antioxidant properties discovered at this moment.

Technical Parameters
High Purity (HPLC) 98% Transparent Red to brown Oil Liquid
Hydroxytyrosol with Maltodextrin 10% White powder
Hydroxytyrosol with MCC 10% White powder
20% White Powder

Functions of Hydroxytyrosol:
1. Hydroxytyrosol has an ability to absorb cell-damaging radicals,which is considered to be 15 times higher than green tea and 3 times higher than CoQ10.
2. Strengthens the body's immune system.
3. Anti-Cancer
4. Anti-thrombus
5. Adjust the Blood Lipid
6. Anti-arteriosclerosis
7. Anti-Pathogenic microorganisms
8. Prevention and treatment of macular degeneration
9. Protect cartilage and resist osteoporosis
Application of the Hydroxytyrosol:
1. Used in beauty products and health products, can effectively enhance the skin elasticity and moist, the effect of anti-wrinkle anti-aging;
2. Helps the body to absorb minerals, no need filling calcium, the natural absorption, maintain bone density and reduce bone osteoporosis, improve internal division secrete system function at the same time, promote the metabolism, promote wound healing, eliminate free radicals in the body, restore the health status of zang-fu organs, prevent brain failure, delay aging, maintain a youthful vitality;
3. Can the prevention and treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, etc., to promote cancer later period restore and improve the effect of chemotherapy;
4. The prevention and treatment of multiple lesions caused by smoking;
5. The hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and so on the prevention and treatment of open, is superior to the similar medicines;



Safety of the Hydroxytyrosol: 
Natural Olive Extracted C8H10O3 Anti Thrombus 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol 0

1. Hydroxytyrosol is approved by the EFSA Claim for the food supplement.
2. Food Grade.
3. Extracted without organic solvents, No contained Silicon dioxide.
4. Quality controlled under the ISO 9001 Standard.



Natural Olive Extracted C8H10O3 Anti Thrombus 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol 1

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