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Shenzhen Dieckmann Tech Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise founded by Shenzhen Peacock Talents with a group of experienced and outstanding R & D teams. The company's products have successfully passed quality management system certification according to the ISO9001 standard. Dieckmann is committed to the development and production of functionally active small molecules which are related to human health and beauty through modern synthesis & extraction technology and enzyme catalysis technology. It covers the fields of health functional food and dietary active ingredients, tobacco and food additives, biological inhibitors, pharmaceutical intermediates and functional cosmetic active ingredients. Our main customers are from the domestic and foreign biological, pharmaceutical, tobacco, health care products and cosmetics enterprises. Dieckmann has developed a series of nutritional active ingredients such as Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), Hydroxytyrosol, Carnosine and Nervonic Acid. We have successfully patented a series of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) compounds that function as precursors to NAD+. 1. Company Values: Innovation, Win-Win Cooperation 2. Company Vision: Build a colorful and functional small molecule world and innovate the future First : Nutritional Active Ingredients Active natural products that are medicine homologous food and endogenous small molecules that increase the body's functions are the objects that our Dieckmann has always been concerned about and interested in. Dieckmann is committed to research and development of functional nutritionally active small molecule compound, to protect the human health and contribute to the cause of human health is the value that our Dieckmann pursue. The main technology: Modern synthesis & extraction technology, enzyme catalysis technology. Product domain: Functional food active ingredients and food additives Application fields: health food, diet products, functional drinks, medicine etc. Core product architecture: For more information, pls study the relative production detailed introduction. Second, Personal care active ingredients Dieckmann has developed a range of nutritionally active ingredients with unique functions that are effective in personal care. Because these ingredients are either derived from medicinal and edible natural products or endogenous molecules in the human body. Compared with some non-natural ingredients, they are safer to care of your beauty. Our products focus on efficacy, green products, safety and healthy. After years of development and experience, a series of distinctive products with moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, increasing skin elasticity, whitening and other functions have been successfully developed through modern synthesis & extraction and enzyme catalysis technology, Main core products below : Third: Glycosides and their derivatives Glycosides and their derivatives are molecules with special functionality or activity that are widely used in the medicine, biology, cosmetics, food, flavors and fragrances, textiles etc. Our Dieckmann chemists have designed and prepared a series of glycosides and their derivatives for flavors and fragrances which have been applied in tobacco, baking fields etc. We have always been an industry leader in the field of Glycosides products. We hope to break through the limitations of traditional spices by applying the new concept of flavor precursors to prepare new flavors, new fragrances, new sensory scenes based on our new technology, to enrich our fragrance world. Comparison of traditional spices and latent incense in traditional tobacco applications:

No Item Traditional spices Latent Incense 1 Physical properties Low boiling Point, easy to volatile, poor heat-resistant processing high boiling Point, hard to volatile, good heat-resistant processing 2 Burning effect Large release amount, many combustion cracking products Low release, few combustion cracking products, reduce physical harm 3 Smoking customers feel The flavor is too strong, the taste is too much, the mouth is dry, the mouth and clothes have a strong smoke odor While the mainstream tobacco flavor still exists, the mainstream flavor is pure, with less off-flavors, low flavor, full-bodied, soft, and less irritating. Residual tobacco flavor in the mouth and clothes. 4 Second-hand smoker experience Strong smell of smoke, dazzling, pungent Feel a premium fragrance 5 Room smell Bad Smoke smell Such as entering a high-end mall 6 Confidentiality People Can basically determine the composition based on the smell Not only solve the shortcomings of traditional spices, but also can make the flavor formula of cigarettes have a certain confidentiality effect 7 trend With the change of the times, the traditional spices have developed to a certain bottleneck and cannot meet the changes of customer needs. It Will become a trend and culture, a symbol of status, status, and wealth

Application Areas: It is widely used in the traditional tobacco, new tobacco, baking, incense, cosmetics, food spices etc. History Of Dieckmann Production Equipments:

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